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MEDIA FARM & PARTNERS (MFP) was formed to facilitate investment and the allocation of best-in-class resources, into development, production and distribution of high-quality, culturally relevant and commercially appealing films, television, and other media entertainment, ancillary properties and new technologies, to meet the ever-increasing demand for content that inspires as it entertains.

Media Farm Partners is a group of industry thought leaders and veterans that came together with a mutual goal:  cultivate the success of projects that exist at the cross section of entertainment and inspiration. Projects are hand-selected to meet an intentional criteria that will forward meaningful content that has the capacity to uplift, inform, inspire, empower and rehabilitate the human spirit towards its greatest potential. With a robust team of industry leaders combining decades of experience throughout all aspects of the entertainment and social media industries, we are able to navigate projects through the full cycle – from early conception through successful and viable distribution across all platforms.

Our experience and relationships enable us to traverse both the traditional studio production and distribution models and protocol, as well as the independent landscape of production and continuously changing financial modeling and distribution channels. Media Farm’s coalition bring decades of pioneering and innovation under one global roof – lead by a dedicated, industrious team.

As the entertainment business, driven by global online social experience, continues to transform at an expedited rate and ever-changing trajectories, we are motivated to facilitate a resourceful environment and to create a model that allows for expansive and bold projects to prosper, and, most importantly, be seen and heard. MFP development, financing & packaging partnerships will help bring finance to projects developed by a group of core veteran filmmakers and content providers, mobilizing to deliver quality content to a large, growing, underserved domestic and international audience.

Media Farm has numerous TV, Film, VR/AR and digital projects in active development. Click here for info.


  • Content Qualification:  MFP will utilize the experience and strength of its core leadership and production partners in selecting properties to be financed or co-financed and will help package, develop and navigate the project to a successful launch.
  • Alignment with Effective Marketing and Distribution Partners:  MFP has partnerships with the Major Hollywood Studios, qualified Independent Distributors and Grass-Roots/Niche Marketing Industry Leaders to provide a full spectrum of marketing and distribution services, including broad scale, grass roots marketing of the primary release and ancillary properties.
  • Strategic Domestic and Foreign Distribution:  MFP has strategic relationships with leading domestic and foreign sales companies and content distributors, who bring their expertise to the content selection process as well as the maximization of revenues from the international markets.
  • Executive Management Team:  The MFP Management team has substantial experience in the operation and supervision of development, production, including the expertise to assess and manage; film production costs, marketing campaigns, distribution strategies, and associated financial structures.
  • Innovative Technology Development and Partnerships: MFP principals are involved in highly innovative technology and digital media companies, and so remain out front in an ever-changing landscape of effective and ground-breaking media and digital communications technology opportunities.


 There is currently an unsatisfied market demand for the financing of well developed, well produced and strategically distributed films outside of the traditional “studio system”.

Independent film investment strategies can generate returns in excess of the cost of capital while creating significant potential upside.

Films financed outside the studio system can be produced for significantly less without sacrifice of creative quality.

Investment risk is mitigated by minimum distribution guarantees, foreign pre-sales advances and estimates, tax credits and rebates, assessing audiences and related market risks, while keeping specialized distribution options open for the most lucrative market opportunities.

The model that MFP is employing has been established to meet the needs of independently financed or studio co-financed motion pictures, to maximize return on investment across multiple properties to allow relatively safe entry and exposure into this highly lucrative market.


Selection Ability:  MFP  is in a unique position to not only gauge the creative merit of a project but also possess the skill set to improve it.  Company Management with its Advisors, Consultants and industry relationships have many years of experience in evaluating the production, financing, marketing and distribution of major Hollywood motion pictures.

Development Ability:  Unlike other slate financings which are reliant on the studio for product, MFP, with the involvement of MFP’s core production partners, will benefit from product generated by a producer with a successful track record and access to key relationships with the industry’s most respected talent.

Fiscally Responsible Production Spending /Low Overhead:  Unlike slate financings which are reliant on the studio systems with substantial overhead costs, MFP’s access tp efficient production budgets will result in studio quality product at far lower cost.

Control of Independent Marketing and Distribution:  Through MFP’s marketing and distribution partners, we have the proven ability to theatrically distribute films independently or in conjunction with the Major Studio system, for maximum recompense.

Broadcast Marketing and Niche Marketing Appeal:  Criteria for choosing properties with both broadcast marketing and niche marketing appeal will be employed to provide significant advantage in maximizing box office and ancillary revenues from both mainstream and niche audiences.

Longstanding Industry Relationships:  MFP and its partners have developed strong, productive relationships with a full spectrum of related service partners including talent agencies, film funds, debt financiers, banks, legal firms, production partners, distributors and other pertinent industry advisors.