Gabrielle is Founder and CEO of The Farm Ltd, a consortium of companies spanning multiple industries, focused on cultivating innovative strategies and transformational programs which are designed to bring forth actionable solutions to many of the world’s greatest needs. 

With the intent to build towards a better future, Gabrielle’s focus is now on the establishment, operation and products of companies that are fully aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and key regenerative global initiatives to help secure the health of the planet for its inhabitants now and for the future. 

She formed Media Farm & Partners, a multimedia finance, development, production and distribution company, formed to meet the demand for content that inspires, entertains and unites people across cultures and communities. The production arm, Media Farm Studios, develops powerful films with themes of resilience, hope, triumph and inspiration, and documentaries that can shake-up, heal or transform our world. For 20 plus years, Gabrielle has been an influential figure in entertainment, originally hailing from Los Angeles, as a Campaign Strategist and Marketing Manager for 50 plus films. As a partner with Motive Entertainment, from Hollywood blockbusters to independent productions, she co-planned and pioneered award-winning campaigns with major Film Studios and broadcast TV networks, including Warner Bros, Universal, MGM, Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Open Road, Focus Features, Lionsgate, Netflix, NBC, CBS, ABC and multiple other production and distribution outlets. 

Gabrielle’s interests in humanitarian needs and crisis-ridden hot spots have led her across the globe and into philanthropic programs and operations on the African continent and other territories, (disaster relief volunteer corps, infrastructure and technology, wildlife conservation, human welfare, child protection) and the formation of inter-continental strategic and cross-cultural leadership alliances to help support and develop cutting edge solutions to some the world’s most chronic and acute problems. The recent founding of Akashinga Wildlife Safari in Kenya, Africa, is in support of the indigenous cultures and conservation communities of whom the rest of humanity rely on as responsible stewards of our wildlife populations. 

She has founded, co-founded or seeded many start-ups including Oasis Energy Group (green energy and environmental remediation biosystems), Naserian Foundation (African-based NGO for medical advancements, medical clinics and schools), Cloud Farm Technologies (XR immersive and communications technologies, for science, entertainment and education), Health Farm (health, medical, well-being, agriculture), Social Farm and The Collective Good (community enhancement, social impact resources, leadership summits, moon-shot labs, cultural events), Half the Pie (sustainable fashion apparel consortium providing profit share to the supply chain),  Women’s Collective Community (women’s education, leadership training, fair-trade economy), Oasis Capital Ventures (financial commodities management, social capital), The Public Group & Public Democracy (video polling and AI data analytics platform), Société at Peace, Elevate Global EMEA, and others. 

Gabrielle holds strategic investment, advisory, executive leadership or production roles within a dozen tech development and product companies, including AI, XR, VR, AR, MR, video and advanced content encoding and compression technologies, digital distribution, social media, data-mining and analytics, integrative multi-media platforms and a new blockchain ecosystem that connects and rewards users through common values and community to harness the power of positive human engagement.

At the heart of her motivations, lies the desire to help make the world a better place and elevate humanity. This drives the strategy to create long-lasting change, by fostering communities, individuals, and will-be-leaders with opportunity and resources, encouraging a diversity of contributions and innovation breakthroughs, to help meet local, regional and global challenges head-on.

Recently, she formed The Property Group, a new hospitality venture, to create extraordinary, eco-friendly, inspired spaces and venues for people to gather, rejuvenate, restore, spark ideas, ignite passions and mobilize positive, collaborative action. The creation of new jobs, social and inter-disciplinary exchange, and inclusive local expansion in a hospitality setting, is a welcome agent as we evolve globally into a challenging new post-pandemic environment, to rebuild and strengthen our social communities and businesses. 

As an entrepreneur, tech disrupter, producer and director (film, TV, documentary, immersive), storyteller, writer, actor, photographer, financial strategist, fund manager, humanitarian, conservationist, hotelier, she remains a life-long student. Gabrielle thrives on learning new skills, collaborating with people and cultures from around the globe, and creating connections and opportunities to help manifest effective resources that contribute to building a better, more united world for all.