We help create the runway for development of your project including full packaging services:

Our approach to content creation is rooted in the belief that well told stories can change lives.  We can manage small and large scale content creation, always approaching projects with an eye towards the highest quality and standards.  We can support with:

  • Concept development
  • Script writing
  • Animation
  • Live production

We help set up production across all forms of media:

  • Film
  • Television
  • Online / Web
  • Social Media content
  • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
  • Digital formats
  • Marketing and Advertising Content
  • Local and regional production incentives (tax rebates, credits)
Engaging your audience in the capricious digital realm takes both a bold and highly targeted approach.  Our network of experts can lead the way to help you with:
  • Creating and testing content
  • Microtargeting across platforms
  • Create actionable engagement

Film, TV, VR/AR and Digital Content Marketing

Today’s market requires both a creative and metrics driven approach.  We help vigilantly define your audience segments and develop tools to communicate with them where they are.  Select services include:

  • Trailer creation and testing
  • Key art creation and testing
  • Grassroots, grasstops and media driven approach to marketing
  • Ad creation and strategic ad buy execution across platforms

Full list of marketing services include:

  • Full scale Marketing Plan and Budgeting
  • Advertising Buys
  • Publicity
  • Events and Screenings
  • Promotions (web, radio, digital, retail, street)
  • Materials (print, digital/online, street teams)
  • Motivational Marketing – Cause based activation
  • Social Media
  • Audience Activation
  • Websites and Email Blasts
  • Database Aggregation
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Ancillary Products & Partners / Sponsors
  • Music partners and assets
Distributing content has become an expansive and confusing arena.  Our experts have been involved in the evolving industry, holding relationships with top distributors, while maintaining a bold vision for the new frontier in distribution strategies.  We can help with:
  • Theatrical and non-theatrical distribution
  • Full spectrum tactics and strategies, from theatrical release to digital distribution for all media and platforms
Today’s market requires innovation, and we like to think big.  Immersive experiences with virtual reality and connective experiences from apps can help drive messages and products by making them personally and emotionally engaging.  Through our new Media Farm venture, IMMERSION VR, we can help with:
  • Conceptualizing and building apps
  • Conceptualizing and designing virtual reality experiences
  • Creative distribution and marketing of VR / AR and apps
  • Financial Packaging for Funding
  • Financial Partnerships and Investment Opportunities
  • Equity Partners
  • Debt Financing / Local & State Incentives
  • Monetization Strategies