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Project Description

Imagine This

Imagine a Show Like No Other…

Imagine This! shows the world as a canvas of creation where everything and everyone are inextri- cably connected.

Each week an amazing team of inventors, engineers, environmentalists and artists, with skills as diverse as their backgrounds, will embark on a mission and undertake projects for communities all over the globe. Whether it’s building a playground for children in Peru, helping an Alaskan widow save her home from collapsing into the sea, or bringing sunlight to a town in Eastern Europe afflicted with “seasonal affective disorder,” the Imagine This! team finds creative solutions to unique problems and reminds us all what’s possible when we band together.

Filmed with breathtaking cinematography, Imagine This! will journey to exotic destinations — from a sacred valley to a Holy land, from the mother of all jungles to the grandfather of all deserts, as well as a few destinations right here at home in the US. At each stop, there will be a community in need, a mission to complete, and a week to make a difference.

Under intense pressure, the Imagine This! team will work around the clock in a challenge fueled by sweat and perseverance, as their lives become intertwined with the people for whom they are working so hard. On the last day of the week, no matter their level of preparedness, the team must reveal their life-altering solutions, in an emotional display, in front of the entire community they’ve come to know and care for so deeply.

Lives will be forever changed.

“We turned the corner and Boom! There are hundreds of people. The entire village showed up for this, tons of kids from
all over the surrounding area. Everyone’s there. Their faces just brimming with anticipation and sheer excitement. It was beyond anything I had imagined.”

— Eion Bailey, Creator

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