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Project Description

Shalom Y’all!

SHALOM Y’ALL is the creation of Caryn Lucas (YOUNG & HUNGRY, THE NANNY, MISS CONGENIALITY), developed by Peter Marc Jacobson (THE NANNY, HAPPILY DIVORCED), and from an idea by Julia Fowler (YOUTUBE’s SOUTHERN WOMEN CHANNEL, which has over 15 million views).

SHALOM Y’ALL is a dysfunctional family comedy with a fish out of water engine about Judi Wienstein, a New York-born, Jewish therapist who falls in love with Brody, a Southern Baptist hunk from Bugtussle, TN without taking his conservative, Sunday school-teaching mom, Mavis, into account. Thinking she’s only coming to Tennessee for a wedding, Judi ends up moving there and becoming the only therapist in a town where people tend to not talk about their feelings. Judi’s biggest challenge is that she is the polar opposite of Mavis, a southern “Archie Bunker”-type who is caught in a country and a family that is changing faster than she can absorb.

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